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  • children's computer area at the Cedarburg Public Library

    Library of the Month: Cedarburg Public Library

    Last Updated: 12/15/14

    The Cedarburg Public Library re-opened July 12, 2014 with a long awaited new building. The 25,000 square foot facility more than doubled the size of the previous library building. With this large, modern facility CPL mixes new and old; providing traditional library services while finding inventive ways to serve the community.  


    Technology is a priority. Staff are trained on how to use technology and are available to assist library users with their devices. The Cedarburg Friends of the Library generously donated a 3D printer for public use and continue to provide filament. Members of the community can download the Thingaverse, design projects and “print” their designs freely at CPL. The 3D printer has attracted new users and continues to draw a crowd when a project is printed.


    This library is a destination. The library is a place to create, learn, and explore and learners of all ages are welcome. For kids, the Children’s Room is filled with books for all ages with interactive literacy and learning tools, and technology for children and their caregivers. Teens and adults can venture to the 2nd floor, wander the collection or reserve a quiet study room for independent work, tutoring, or small meetings. For everyone, there is a MediaScape room with technology equipment to create and share digital information.


    Modern facilities make connecting easier. The new building has a large community room that holds up to 100 people and has a built-in hearing loop to aid those who are hard of hearing. The room is equipped with a projector with surround sound and screen/white board are available for meetings and events. Since opening the community room has been used by individuals, local community groups, and schools for events such as book discussions, birthday parties, and lectures.


    See what the library has for you! Stop in and check CPL out.

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  • Holiday lights display in Sparta, WI

    Celebrating Winter Traditions

    Last Updated: 12/18/14

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    Winter conjures up very specific images for those who live in the snow covered North. But is this the same around the world? 


    Winter festivals from around the world surprisingly share similar aspects. As the days grow shorter, various cultures celebrate light, exchange gifts, and spend time with family. 


    Learn about our similarities through research on BadgerLink! Download the Celebrating Winter Traditions with BadgerLink Flier (also available on Google Drive). 

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  • Resource Name Change

    Last Updated: 11/17/14

    BadgerLink provides current full-text newspaper articles. One of our newspaper resources has changed names; News (AP, UPI etc.) is now called Newswire.


    Newswire (formerly News (AP, UPI etc.) provides near real-time access to full-text, world-wide news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis.


    You can access Newswire when you search Newspaper Source Plus or by selecting Newswire on the Newspaper page.


    If you have any questions, contact BadgerLink. 

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  • hands on a keyboard

    Did you learn something?

    Last Updated: 12/08/14

    BadgerLink recently hosted Multimedia and Educator Resources BadgerLatté trainings on Thursdays from September 18th to November 13th. Please take this survey and help BadgerLink create trainings that are interesting and useful to you. The survey will close on December 5th. Take the Survey.


    You can view the recording of the trainings on the Videos, Webinars, and Documentation page in the Multimedia and Educator Resources sections.


    Contact BadgerLink if you have any questions! 

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  • Allan Creek in Evansville Wildlife Area

    Thanksgiving Flier

    Last Updated: 12/01/14

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    November is a time to spend time with family and give thanks. Celebrate Thanksgiving with this BadgerLink flier (also available on GoogleDocs).

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  • Fairchild children's porgram

    Library of the Month: Fairchild Public Library

    Last Updated: 12/15/14

    The Fairchild Public Library is the heart of the community. With the multitude of valuable programs and resources available, it’s easy to see why traffic to the library has greatly increased in the past year and a half.


    Thanks to a generous gift donation from a former library patron, FPL now has an area dedicated for children's programming. In partnership with Fairchild Public Elementary School, the library provides study assistance and a reading program twice a week. Middle school students, community members, and retirees volunteer assistance. Many alternative education students also participate in a twice-monthly theme-based story program and art time. These programs have seen great results, and the community is grateful for the opportunity to grow kids’ love of reading!


    Without a high school diploma, it is nearly impossible to make a living wage. FPL and the Chippewa Valley Technical College collaborated on a pilot program to assist adults working to complete their GED or HSED. Donations to the library helped pay for economically disadvantaged adults’ final tests and transportation costs. Taught by two certified volunteer teachers, pre-testing, study lessons, and computer classes were offered. BadgerLink resources, especially LearningExpress Library, were often used by these students. “We are very thankful for BadgerLink and other sources for patrons and staff to use,” said director Rozanne Traczek. Last year, 25 people enrolled, with three graduating and completing their GED!


    Along with providing educational programs, the library also celebrates local history. Recently, FPL agreed to display a Carole Landis memorabilia collection. Born in Fairchild, Wisconsin, Carole Landis was a famous actress and entertainer for the troops overseas during WWII. A special museum display case for the collection will be placed near the library’s entrance, for all to see. To further celebrate the community’s local history, the library has created a new history room. This small room, used as a jail cell many years ago, will provide a space for the community to contribute items, preserving the past for those in the future.


    Fairchild Public Library is essential to its community. The library may be small, but it is powerful!

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  • Scholastic Reading Read-Along Feature

    Last Updated: 11/17/14

    Wisconsin Media Lab provides the Scholastic Reading programs which are adapted word for word from popular children`s literature, keeping a true-to-the-original integrity of the book, and helping children with reading comprehension and vocabulary-building skills. Additionally, a Teacher Guide is available for each video. This year, Wisconsin Media Lab is offering 11 of the stories with a read-along feature. By using the read-along feature, emerging readers and English language learners can experience literature in audio form, reinforce their literacy skills and focus on building fluency.


    Scholastic Reading videos are brought to you by Wisconsin Media Lab, and easily accessible at and! Access Wisconsin Media Lab from the following BadgerLink pages: All Resources, Multimedia, For Educators- Instructional Tools, or For Students- Elementary.


    Once in Wisconsin Media Lab, scroll down to English Language Arts and click on Scolastic Reading.


    Screenshot of Wisconsin Media Lab

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  • Pumpkins

    Halloween Flier

    Last Updated: 11/10/14

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    October is a time to celebrate Fall; bake apple pies, rake the leaves, and enjoy the last of the warm weather. So why do we also spend October dressing up in costume and trying to scare eachother? Why do we go house to house and beg for sweets? 


    This BadgerLink flier (also available on GoogleDocs) showcases creepy facts about Halloween!

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  • Eager Free Public Library

    Library of the Month: Eager Free Public Library

    Last Updated: 11/10/14

    Eager Free Public Library plays an important role in Evansville’s lifelong learning by granting users access to learning opportunities through timely programming and productive partnerships.


    New in 2014, adult patrons were offered incentives for participating in the Summer Reading Program. Not only did participants enjoy the perks of reading, but also became aware of other programs at the library. “Summer reading was a great success, and we plan to offer the incentive program again next year” said library director Megan Kloeckner.


    As overall library attendance grows, the Evansville community has quickly discovered their library contains more than just books. The library is also a purveyor of information, which in the modern world means providing access to technology. Public computers, Wi-Fi, computer training, and access to databases such as Reference USA, Mango Languages,, and those offered through BadgerLink, are just a sampling of resources patrons use for school assignments, job searching, and independent learning. Centralizing these services through a library is a cost-effective way to provide equitable access across a large user group.  


    In addition to supporting literacy and technology, a recent partnership with the Grove Society has introduced new educational programming to the library. Working collaboratively with the library’s Genealogy Group, the Society has provided training on and other genealogy resources in BadgerLink. Recent events using historical information gathered at the library include Fashion in the 19th Century and Civil War Medicine. And on any given day, members of the group can be seen in the historic building’s local history room; sharing notes, offering valuable assistance to one another, or planning for the next event. The Genealogy Group honors the past and embraces the future!


    These programs fill multiple needs in the community by providing education, entertainment, and a space for adults to learn together. Patrons with similar interests can network together in the Book-to-Movie Book Club, Adult Writing Group, or the Genealogy Group. Plus, the library sponsors author visits and many other programs geared towards a range of ages. The Eager Free Public Library opens doors for curious minds by encouraging literacy, inspiring learning, and connecting the community.

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  • Teacher with a student

    BadgerBite: Introduction for Educators

    Last Updated: 10/01/14

    A new BadgerBite video on how to use BadgerLink for educators is available on YouTube. BadgerBites are 1-4 minute YouTube tutorials on BadgerLink searching tips and tricks. 

    Contact us if you have any questions! 

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  • The Week in Rap logo

    New Resource: The Week in Rap

    Last Updated: 10/16/14

    Flocabulary’s The Week in Rap series, an original weekly current events series for kids, is now available to Wisconsin residents at & The Week in Rap is a hip-hop music video series highlighting top domestic, international and pop-culture news each week. Each video in The Week in Rap comes with interactive lyrics, allowing students to access more information and additional coverage of the news items featured. Fill-in-the-blanks and activities, such as crossword puzzles or trivia quizzes, also accompany the videos. Flocabulary’s team of artists and educators is not only committed to raising test scores, but also to fostering a love of learning in every child.


    Wisconsin Media Lab is a division of the Educational Communications Board. The multimedia content available at connects to Wisconsin’s academic standards and is vetted by practicing educators. Wisconsin Media Lab’s goal is to provide Wisconsin educators with high-quality multimedia resources that engage students, inspire creativity, cultivate critical thinking, explain difficult content and improve student achievement. Discover hundreds of classroom resources at &, then find lesson ideas and giveaways at Wisconsin Media Lab’s PinterestTwitter and Facebook pages.


    Wisconsin Media Lab collaborates with educators throughout the state to curate cost-free classroom content designed to meet the unique needs of educators and students. The Week in Rap was selected by Wisconsin Media Lab after a student recommended the series during a call for suggestions to the organization’s community. After an evaluation period by the Wisconsin Media Lab’s community of users, The Week in Rap was chosen for the organization’s collection of educational programs.


    Access The Week in Rap from the All Resources, Multimedia, Elementary, Middle, High, and Instructional Tools pages.


    If you have any questions or would like to place a link to The Week in Rap on your website, contact BadgerLink!

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  • Image of changing leaves Photo taken by Doug Alft in Marshfield, WI.

    BadgerLink Goes Back to School

    Last Updated: 09/12/14

    BadgerLink resources can help you this school year! Explore our primary sources, articles, images, videos, skill building materials, ACT practice tests, lesson plans, and other standards-aligned materials!


    Get the BadgerLink Goes Back to School flier available as a PDF PDF or Google Doc.


    Have questions about where to find these resources? Ask a Librarian!

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  • Circuit Board

    Maintenance Wednesday

    Last Updated: 11/11/14

    On Wednesday (9/3) our authentication provider, Auto-Graphics, will install an update.  As a result, BadgerLink resources will be unavailable for an hour or less, starting at 9pm.


    Apologies for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, Contact Us.

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  • Science program at Muehl Public Library

    Library of the Month: Muehl Public Library

    Last Updated: 10/13/14

    The Muehl Public Library on Main Street in Seymour, Wisconsin is a small but vibrant library that works to create an innovative learning environment through collaboration and technology.


    Library Director Elizabeth Timmins doesn’t see the size of the library as a constraint; she and staff take advantage of these challenges to connect with library users. For instance, area authors can showcase their work by donating their books to the library’s collection. Local artists also have space in the library and this fall the library will exhibit a local artist’s weavings. Recently, two Girl Scouts painted book quotes around the interior of the library and received their Silver Awards, the highest a Girl Scout Cadette can earn. The list goes on and on. “Library staff are always thinking, ‘What MORE can our library be?’” says Timmins.


    Because many patrons are choosing to further themselves through midlife career changes, supporting lifelong learning is an important element at the library. The changes in technology and learning can be challenging for non-traditional students and BadgerLink resources like LearningExpress Library are widely used for skill-building and test preparation. The Muehl Public Library also coordinates events, like Google training, at the local high school. Students from the Future Business Leaders of America teach participants, including library staff, how to use the suite of Google tools. “It’s critical that we know what our schools are teaching and support their goals,” says Timmins. To that end, the library has Chromebooks and a SMART Board which students may use to do homework, prepare for a presentation, or learn about technology.


    The recent Stihl Tree Fund Bike Rally was another great example of how the library collaborated with the community for a good cause. Participants biked a 583-mile tour around the state to raise money for tree research and education, and the library acted as a rest stop on the bike rally’s route. The mayor welcomed library patrons of all ages together to cheer on the bicyclists and picnic in the library’s backyard. The Fire Department Explorers set up picnic tables and tents, local businesses provided sandwiches and ice cream, and flowers were purchased from the local farmer’s market. For the community’s children, Muehl Public Library provided free books about trees and sponsored science programing. The day culminated with a talk for adults and teens about “localizing the economy,” hosted by the UW-Extension. Everyone benefited from celebrating trees, biking, science, and reading. The event was a great success and the Stihl Tree Fund Bike Rally raised $483,000.


    The Muehl Public Library facilitates access to ideas, information, and recreational reading to enhance the quality of life for all the people of the Seymour area.


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    Vocabulary Lists Assist with Close Reading

    Last Updated: 08/29/14

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    TeachingBooks.​net now has vocabulary lists—often organized by chapter—for the books that you're teaching.

    Vocabulary lists include:

    • Definitions
    • Example sentences pulled from the book
    • Audio pronunciations

    Explore the 200+ books for which Vocabulary.​com has generously produced vocabulary lists, in partnership with TeachingBooks.​net.


    Contact BadgerLink if you have any questions!

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  • Circuit board

    Maintenance Tuesday

    Last Updated: 08/13/14

    BadgerLink’s authentication and federated search provider, Auto-Graphics, will be running an upgrade tonight (August 12th) beginning at 9:00PM CT.  Please be aware that this will involve one hour or less system downtime.


    If you have questions, please contact BadgerLink



    The BadgerLink Team

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  • Lone Rock Community Library

    Library of the Month: Lone Rock Community Library

    Last Updated: 10/17/14

    Libraries in rural settings are energetically expanding services to stay ahead of community expectations and challenges, but with limited budgets and small spaces, creating a thriving library community can seem daunting. Lone Rock Community Library has found success by providing computers with internet access, offering games and learning programming, and promoting the use of BadgerLink resources.


    With many services, from job applications to filing taxes, only available online, access to the internet is key to supporting rural communities. Lone Rock Community Library provides public computers with  WiFi, and through the TEACH/DOA Library Fiber Project, the library will upgrade bandwidth to a minimum of 10 Mbps and replace several computers. The library replaces computers on a five-year cycle to make sure the hardware and software available is suitable for the latest applications. With these changes, the library will continue to be the online information hub in the community.


    In addition to providing a sound technology infrastructure, the library also offers learning opportunities like computer classes for adults and gaming programming for kids. In June, the Lone Rock Community Library hosted classes to help users find genealogy resources and connect with others using social media. Due to their popularity, the library is planning to extend these programs in the future.


    Minecraft, a multiplayer sandbox-style online game, is another popular activity at the library. Kids play, build, chase monsters, and connect with others in the community and around the world. "I have been waiting to do this all my life"  said a 3rd grade Minecraft player. The success of the program has drawn kids in, where they become more familiar with technology and everything else the library has to offer.


    BadgerLink is another way the Lone Rock Community Library provides support to its community. Director Rita Magno comments, “When I show patrons how to use the databases, they are surprised at the depth and breadth of information that is available!” Whether looking for health information or auto repair manuals, or ideas for your next read, BadgerLink provides resources with information on your topic. “It's a wonderful resource for the Lone Rock Community Library” says Rita Magno.


    Libraries across Wisconsin provide essential support to rural communities with access to technology and information.

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  • Books & Literature

    How did BadgerLink do?

    Last Updated: 08/22/14

    BadgerLink recently hosted BadgerBrunch training webinars about our Book & Literature resources. We want to know how we did.


    Please complete this short survey about the BadgerBrunch webinar training series. This survey will help the BadgerLink team create trainings that are interesting and useful to you!


    The survey should not take more than 5 minutes to complete. The survey closes on August 21, 2014


    Take the survey!

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  • Circuit Board

    Upcoming Maintenance

    Last Updated: 10/06/14

    BadgerLink’s authentication and federated search provider, Auto-Graphics, will be running an upgrade Friday night and Saturday night. During the upgrade BadgerLink resources will be unavailable.

    • Friday (10/3) maintenance will start at 11:00 PM and will finish Saturday morning at 1:00 AM
    • Saturday (10/4) maintenance will start 11 PM and finish Sunday morning at 6:00 AM


    Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have questions, please contact BadgerLink


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  • teacher with students

    Multimedia and Educator Resources

    Last Updated: 11/14/14

    BadgerLatté Training
    Thursdays at 3:30 PM
    September 18-November 13

    Each 20 minute BadgerLatté webinar explores a multimedia or educator resource in BadgerLink. Sign up for email reminders!


    These sessions will be recorded and archived.The archive of previous sessions is found at There is no registration.


    Date Multimedia
    September 18 Wisconsin Media Lab RECORDING
    September 25 Britannica School RECORDING
    October 9 RECORDING
    Date Educator Resources
    October 16 Wisconsin Media Lab RECORDING
    October 23 Britannica School RECORDING
    October 30 EBSCO RECORDING
    November 6 RECORDING
    November 13 EBSCO (Research) RECORDING
    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am not a librarian or a teacher. Does that matter? Can I participate?

    BadgerLink and the BadgerLatté training series are available to all Wisconsin residents!


    What do I need to participate?

    You will need reliably fast internet connection, speakers or headphones, and a recent version of Java. To find out if you have the correct version of Java, open the following web page: If Java is needed, you may download it from here:


    Do I need to register in advance?

    No, you do not need to register.


    What conferencing software does this webinar series use?

    BadgerLatté uses Blackboard Collaborate. To find out if you have the correct version of Java, open the following web page:


    Should I log into a session early?

    Yes, since each session is short, please log into the webinar 5-10 minutes early. If you have little experience with webinars, give yourself some extra time and log in a few minutes earlier.


    When I try to log in, I am asked for a password. What’s the password?

    There is no password. You can only log in 45 minutes before the session starts. When you are prompted for a password, it indicates that you have attempted to log in more than 45 minutes before the session. Wait and then try again. If you continue to have issues, please contact Kara Ripley at


    I can’t make that time. Will the sessions be recorded?

    Yes, we will record these sessions and make them available from the BadgerLink webpage. Go to for the archived sessions.


    Who do I contact with my questions about this series?

    For any questions about this series, please contact Kara Ripley at


    Who can help me to get access to BadgerLink?

    Complete the BadgerLink technical support request form at


    Where can I get announcements about BadgerLink?

    You can join the BadgerLink email list at or read the Badger Bulletin Additionally, BadgerLink is on Facebook and on Twitter.


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